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At What Age Can Kids Drink Coffee?

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As adults most of us love coffee! 2.25 billion cups are drank every day!

But should our kids be drinking coffee? Probably not...

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Let's get one thing out of the way - coffee does not stunt growth.

It does however cause insomnia, cavities, decreased appetite, bone loss and hyperactivity in children.

This raises the question - "What age should kids be drinking coffee?"

Caffeine Fix, a company who r epairs coffee machines in Glasgow and Edinburgh, says that 12 years old is the bear minimum for giving kids coffee. This is because kids can get the 'jitters' very easily. They will also be getting caffeine from soft drinks like coke. however argue that children should be drinking 2.5mg per kilo of body weight. For example, the average 7 year old could drink 57.5mg of caffeine a day, or just over half a cup of home brew.

It is also important to note that caffeine can interact with certain medicines so it is essential to check with your doctor if your child can drink caffeine.

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