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A Primer on Improving Employment Prospects After Graduation

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The medical field is expanding and the majority of healthcare professionals remain steadily employed. On the other hand, it can always be a bit difficult to land your very first job after graduation. Job applicants with a nurse practitioner doctorate degree should already have some related experience in the field, but it is also true that every situation is different. If you don’t want to be stuck going on job interviews in the medical field for months and months after graduation, here are some of the smartest proactive steps you can take to make yourself a prime candidate for hire.

Befriend Other Medical Professionals

You may be in class most of the time, but you’re going to need guidance if you hope to get hired soon after you get your diploma. It shouldn’t be hard to find medical professionals as they normally report to work in scrubs and lab coats, and they sometimes run errands after their shifts have ended. Spark up a conversation at the cash register while you’re at the supermarket and talk to friends who are in the medical field. After you have made a connection you can start to talk more about your interest in the best DNP programs and your plans for working in a hospital or clinic after school is done.

Learn What Healthcare Industry Employers Look for In Job Prospects

All it takes is some online research to find out what the interview process is like for the medical companies you want to work for. You can learn a lot just by reading job postings and even forums tailored to members of the medical community. Also, realize that it may be best for you to go on interviews for jobs that you aren’t all that interested in taking. This will enable you to get your feet wet, work out your jitters, and perhaps have a backup plan in place in case you don’t get a better job offer.

Work Diligently on Your Resume

If you think your resume is good enough as it is, have a friend read it over and give you an unbiased appraisal. It can be embarrassing to find that you have made grammatical errors or have a resume that is way too long based on your past job experiences, but it is better to find out prior to filling out applications. Spend some time making subtle changes to your resume and have more than one version depending on what kind of position you are applying for. It is also good to have a few different cover letter templates on hand so that you can fill them out and deliver a tailored message to the employers you are pursuing.

Sometimes, an internship can lead to a job offer, but if you really feel that you are better suited for a different company you have to listen to your gut. The goal after graduating isn’t just to get the first job that comes along your way but to start a career that has been in the works for a lengthy amount of time. You might need to go on a dozen interviews to get hired by the right healthcare company, but if you prepare before graduation it will be a learning experience rather than a hindrance.

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