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7 Useful Tips On Writing A Perfect Essay

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Whether it is for scholarship, contest or class – essay writing has always caused students to develop cold feet. The word essay seems like a big chunk of rock. But did you know if you break it down into small pieces it can be prepared in a matter of few hours? In our todays article we will destroy some misconceptions about custom essay writing and portray how easy it really can be if you stick to the right tips.


Topic Selection

Topics can be assigned by teachers or students might have free reign in selecting the topic for themselves. Next students need to decide upon whether they want to write about a general overview of the topic or do specific analysis. This may call for narrowing down of focus areas of study.

Conglomerate ideas and prepare an outline

Students will now be required to organize their thoughts by writing it down in order to evaluate the links and connections in between ideas in a clearer tone. The idea structure forms the foundation of the essay. For these students can create a flowchart or a diagram by writing down their topic name in the center of the page and drawing sub branches containing sub topics and associated ideas.


Penning down the thesis statement

Thesis statement portrays the major parts of an essay to its readers. It has two subparts, the former educates about the topic whereas the later states the point of writing the essay.


The introduction should be catchy enough to attract the reader’s attention. Students can use a dialogue, shocking information, a quote, a short story or a summary of their chosen topic as an attention grabbing introduction. However it should be in sync with the thesis statement which needs to be mentioned in brief in the last line of the introduction paragraph.

Essay Body

The essay body contains detailed discussion regarding the description, explanation and arguments either in favour or against the topic. Every idea which was given a separate mention under the initial diagram will have a distinct section in the essay body. The essay body will begin with the core ideas which shall be followed by the supporting ones in sentence format. Next students need to fill in detailed examples to support their arguments.


The conclusion sums up the entire discussion in just a few lines and provides a final perspective on the same. Three to five impactful sentences are the pre requisite of a powerful conclusion. Students can provide reinforcement of their thesis and review their main points in the conclusion spectrum.

Going through the essay and adding finishing touches

Mistakes are bound to creep in. Thus it is always advisable to check and recheck. Before submitting their essay students should go through the minor details one more time. Students can check their paragraph ordering – strongest points should encompass the beginning and ending paras with the other ones in the middle segment. Paragraph order is of extreme importance in essays which describe a process like baking a pastry. Instructions given beforehand needs to be reviewed to ensure that the essay has been written in the desired format.

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