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7 Must-Know Stylish Outfits for Your Baby Boomer Mother

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Fashion is something that is for everyone and if you notice your mother looking a little frumpy and outdated, you may need to step in. Mothers are exceptionally busy people and sometimes they forget about themselves, so give mom a little help and bring her out of that style slump with these 7 style ideas.

1. Professional Look – Even though your mom may be older, she still needs to look professional when working. Try to steer her away from bulky suits and toward the casual look of a simple dress blouse or tunic in varying colors paired with a pair of dress pants in either black or khaki color.

2. Flattering Jeans – Luckily for the older woman, times have changed in the jean department. Jeans are now available in styles that flatter different body types, so take mom out for some jean shopping in new styles.

3. Above or Below the Knees – When it comes time for a dress or skirt at any event, above or below the knee length is a personal preference and depends upon your mom’s age and body type. Below the knee attire gives an older woman the look of sophistication. Above the knee can still work if mom is in shape and depending upon the style of the dress.

4. Silhouette Outfits – Each body type is different and it is important to understand this factor. For some women, it is best to avoid showing off too much skin and instead emphasis their silhouette. This tactic enables them to look sexy without looking as if they are trying too hard.

5. Show off Curves – It is a sad fact that women often avoid showing off their curves. We all have them and if you are an older woman there is no better way to show off to the younger crowd that curves are ok than to show off your own. A simple accessory such as a belt can emphasize the waist and allow those curves to show comes right out into the open. Confidence is always beautiful.

6. Wrap Dress – Some of the more conservative women may attempt to avoid the wrap dress, but do not worry, the design of a wrap dress will in no way show off too much. The bonus of these dresses is that they can be worn by women of all sizes and they work to emphasize those curves as well, so find some that mom is comfortable in and let her rock them all over town.

7. Keep Things Simple – There was a time where older women attempted to stand out by wearing floral prints everywhere. Thankfully, those days are long gone. The sophisticated older women of today utilize simplicity as her weapon of choice. A simple outfit enables multiple pieces to be put together and always look fabulous. Accessories such as jewelry and belts can be a little wild, but the clothes should always be simple.

Moms today do not have to look as though they are headed out to bingo. The style options that are available are excellent and vast. Take mom shopping sometime and give her the opportunity to change her look for the better. It is true that some women may be reluctant to change, but with time, persistence, and trying different styles out will warm her heart to the change idea. Just because you are a mom does not mean that your days of fashion are over. Fashion is for everyone.

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