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7 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Who Seek an Adrenaline Rush

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Every year, you celebrate that special day ­— no, not your own birthday or even your best friend’s. It’s the day your child was born. While you may have your, er, moments with your teenager, you still love your kid to pieces and want to make each birthday a memorable one.

As time goes by and your no-longer-so-little person develops a mind of his or her own (while still not always knowing what he or she actually wants), you may struggle to think of a theme or an activity to plan a birthday party around. Fortunately, more and more companies are popping up to provide exciting, and often adrenaline-fueled, birthday party ideas that both boys and girls will enjoy. Choose one of these ideas, and you may even get some “cool mom” bonus points for thinking up such a great birthday party.

Trampoline Park

Your teen most likely has the type of boundless energy you would like to bottle and sell for a profit — or, at the very least, just borrow once in a while. This makes a trampoline park another safe, yet thrilling, birthday party idea. Indoor trampoline parks have become a real favorite among teens who enjoy watching parkour experts on YouTube. Attracted to the idea of jumping, climbing, and bouncing their way through various courses, teens will thrill to the indoor trampoline park concept, which allows them to play an elevated game of basketball or enjoy free trampoline areas to explore their own tricks.

An indoor trampoline park offers family-friendly fun, so you’ll not only be able to make your teen happy, but you’ll also be able to get out there and stay fit with the other moms who hang around during the party. If you have younger kids, too, they’ll be sure to enjoy special age-appropriate areas for themselves.

Birthday parties include jump time, a private party room, pizzas, and pitchers of drinks. You get a dedicated host to help you out, as well as all the utensils, cups, and napkins you’ll need as part of the package. All you have to do is show up, bring your cake and decorations, and have fun watching the kids burn off some energy.

One of the largest trampoline park companies is Rockin' Jump, which has 45 locations throughout the U.S. The company is continuing to expand and is regularly opening many new trampoline parks. You can feel extra safe about planning a birthday party at Rockin’ Jump, as the company is a founding member of the ASTM International committee that has developed trampoline park safety standards.

Kart Racing

If your child and his or her friends have a need for speed, then indoor or outdoor kart-racing tracks will raise the checkered flag for birthday party fun. Birthday party packages include a set number of laps per race, trophies or medals, and a room to enjoy food, drinks, and cake. And, as a mom, you don’t have to worry about whether this is a safe birthday party idea. Kart-racing companies make it their priority to ensure each driver understands how to drive the kart. They also provide helmets, gloves, and other protective gear. The companies emphasize no bumping of karts or pushing drivers off the course, and an employee watches each race to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Kart racing is a fun, competitive birthday party idea that includes a printout of race times to see who went the fastest. Kids will also like comparing how they did from one race to another. In addition to many independent kart-racing companies, others — such as K1 Speed and Pole Position Raceway — have facilities nationwide.


This is another incredibly energetic birthday party idea for teens. A paintball facility gives them the opportunity to run, hide, and fire projectiles at each other. Don't worry — they wear plenty of protective gear, so there’s no fear of them getting hurt. Typically, a paintball course is set up outside because it provides more space and larger areas for setting up exciting themed areas — and because paint can get messy! However, there are also indoor paintball companies, such as Texas-based GatSplat. You'll be sure to find a paintball facility somewhere close by due to the concept’s increased popularity over the past few years.

Many of these paintball facilities offer numerous courses that are reminiscent of different video games your teen most likely knows. Each facility takes the time to show kids how to use the paintball guns and how to stay safe while having fun. If you have younger kids and don't feel comfortable having them play with their older sibling and friends, some paintball courses also offer a Nerf battleground so they can attack each other with foam bullets while you breathe a sigh of relief.

Paintball birthday parties include areas to have refreshments, enjoy cake, and open presents. Kids can also spend time sharing their "battle" stories with each other. (Meanwhile, you’re relaxing in the shade or inside an air-conditioned building.)

Indoor Skydiving

Speaking of adrenaline rushes, this birthday party idea is sure to please your teen and his or her friends. Companies like iFLY offer indoor skydiving facilities that are safe for anyone —beginner to experienced, young to old, and even people with disabilities. Every party includes a training session to cover safety and show all the kids and parents how to wear their safety gear. This includes flight suits, goggles, and helmets. Birthday parties include a customizable number of flights, flight video clips that the kids can take home and share, and a personalized flight certificate.

Video Game Truck

While you may think that your teen already plays enough video games, there's nothing like being able to enjoy an air-conditioned truck with dozens of remotes and large flat-screen monitors to do battle with all his or her friends during a birthday party celebration. The truck pulls up in front of your home or another chosen location. The kids get a few hours to play. Meanwhile, they can come and go to enjoy other festivities at the birthday party. This option is a great idea for hosting at home where you can relax, make your own food, and include other activities such as swimming.

GameTruck is one well-known company that has grown exponentially, with franchise owners around the country. That means you’re sure to find one close by, allowing your teen and his or her friends to celebrate with one of their favorite pastimes. It’s safe fun, but it still offers plenty of adrenaline, thanks to the current video game selections across various consoles. There are also age-appropriate games to choose from, and the GameCoach will work with you to ensure that there are no games available that you and your guests’ parents do not want.


This is not miniature golf, and it’s not a golf game on the course with Dad. Instead, this crazy game combines soccer with golf for a fun new sport that kids across the country are really starting to love. It’s fast-paced and a great way to get teens outdoors and moving. It’s also safe, with little chance of injury. Many FootGolf courses provide some area to incorporate other birthday festivities, including private rooms for food, drinks, and presents. Another benefit is that FootGolf tends to be a very low-cost birthday party idea, especially if you bring your own soccer balls.

The best way to locate a FootGolf course near you is to check out the American FootGolf League website, which has links and information about courses throughout the U.S.


Another adrenaline-pumping birthday party idea is to break out those bows and arrows and hit some targets. You might be immediately cringing with worry, imagining all types of mayhem and potential medical bills, but you shouldn’t. There are numerous archery courses for young adults. These focus on safety, proper training, and good fun. You’ll be able to find archery around the U.S., including at shooting ranges or even at standalone indoor archery facilities.

Planning and Partying

At this age, teens want to participate in the planning process for their parties. Their friends and social lives are extremely important, so they’ll have an opinion about how they should celebrate. These ideas are sure to raise more than a grunt out of your teen. In fact, one or more of these action-packed birthday party ideas may even get a happy emoji response on the text message you send for input!

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