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6 Cool Craft Projects for 2018

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Now we’re at the beginning of 2018, most of us are considering how we can live our best life in the year ahead. If you’re like us, you just love getting crafty - and living your best life obviously involves lots of cool new craft projects!

The new year is the perfect time to think about trying your hand and something new, to make even bigger and better craft projects. There’s truly no better time than now, in the midst of the post-Christmas grey, to start thinking of craft ideas, so you can make some really cool, inventive stuff over the coming year.

We’ve made a list of 6 craft projects for 2018, to give you a little inspiration so you can get started with a project or two yourself.

Happy crafting!

  • 1.Weave on a Lap Loom
  • 2.Embroider Clothes
  • 3.Make Clay Jewelry
  • 4.Collage
  • 5.Upcycle Furniture
  • 6.Terrarium Craft

If you’ve always wanted to make a really cool wall hanging or a funky tapestry, but been unsure where or how to begin, a lap loom is the perfect way to acquire the skills that’ll take you toward that dream.

You can adapt a wooden frame into a lap loom, then add the warp and get weaving. There are many tutorials online to help you get going, and once you’re confident with various weaves you can start making designs of your own!

It should be clear to us all now that embroidered clothes have been having a big moment over the past few years – and they’re not going anywhere.

Who’s to say where the embroidered trend started? It could be seen on the catwalks of Gucci and Missoni, and trickled down to the high street. Some embroidery artists, like Rusty Cuts, now provide one-off embroidered gear for the rich and famous.

Get in on this very a la mode craft and start embroidering your own clothes. Do it by hand or look at an embroidery machine buying guide, for that more professional look.

Another craft project that taps into the zeitgeist of the times is clay jewelry. Lots of fashion houses are opting for jewelry in experimental shapes made of clay, but it seems this time they’re copying the Etsy crowd who kicked off the trend a few years back.

Get in on the action using an oven-bake clay like polymer, or air-drying clay and a home jewelry kit. A world of inventive earrings and funky necklaces awaits you.

Collage isn’t just for kids – and whoever says so is telling porkies. Channel the vibes of those who made collage cool in the early twentieth century, like Picasso, Braque, Kurt Schwitters and Matisse, and use a diverse range of materials to create visually striking collages.

All you need to make a good collage is a hefty dose of imagination, a good eye, and a scalpel – so for those of us who have artistic aspirations but can’t draw for toffee, collaging is a real winner.

If you’ve got an old chair that needs a fix up, why not consider ‘upcycling’ it?

Go to any coffee shop in a hip neighborhood and you’re guaranteed to find loads of old furniture that’s been given a facelift, to give a look that’s both rustic and hip.

The benefit of upcycling furniture extends beyond it being a real cool craft project – once you’ve finished, you get something that’s nice to look at, and functional to boot!

This is a fab craft project for the more patient among us.

Terrariums are little fish bowls, which can you fill with soil, plants, and little decorations. The only thing impeding terrarium craft is a lack of imagination. Using live plants, you can make whole little worlds. One terrarium can have the aspect of a Japenese garden, the other a field in the English countryside.

Using tiny plants and miniature decorations, like animal figures, shells and stones, you can craft beautiful scenes inside these glass bowls. The best part? They make perfect gifts.

Just remember to water them!

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