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5 ways your baby can benefit from a nursery humidifier

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Even though these gadgets come with so many benefits not just for babies but also for the rest of the family members, it’s surprising to know that most parents often overlook the importance of humidifiers when they’re setting up their baby’s nursery. Below we’ve listed and discussed the five important benefits of baby humidifiers.

1. Humidifiers are a “must have” nursery gadget

There’s a good reason why humidifiers are often on the top list of must-have nursery gadgets. It’s because these moist-air producing gadgets come with lots of baby-friendly benefits which include clearing up your baby’s stuffy nose, providing your baby with a soft and smooth skin and even ensuring your baby gets a better, deeper sleep both during the day and at night. If you live in a place with cold climate, a humidifier will do a good job in reversing the harsh, drying effects of furnace use and this can enable you to save money which would have been spent on energy bills. And since these gadgets work wonders on sick babies, they are definitely a good investment throughout the year.

2. Humidifiers clear up your baby’s stuffy nose

Dry air comes with a number of problems such as aggravating your baby’s nose, drying out the sinuses and even causing an uncomfortable, stuffed-up feeling. Because your baby’s nose is tiny and small, it is easily susceptible to congestion since the nasal passages fill up quickly making it difficult for your baby to breath easily and comfortably. Even worse, the inside of your baby’s nose can become sore and cause the skin to crack or bleed if there isn’t an appropriate level of moisture in the room. The moisture produced by a humidifier helps to create optimal conditions for proper breathing to ensure your little baby stays comfortable and healthy at the same time.

3. Humidifiers help to ease cold symptoms

Watching helplessly as your baby is suffering from a nasty cold is one of the few things that are really frustrating. Since parents are usually former victims of cold, they can only imagine how miserable a cold is to their babies. And when you consider the fact that both the U.S Food and Drug Administration together with the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly advise against giving cold medications to children who are younger than 2 years old, it starts to appear as if there’s little a parent can do to help. Luckily, a humidifier can be of great help towards alleviating your baby’s suffering. The warm and moist air produced by a warm-mist humidifier will help to thin out nasal secretions leaving your baby’s nasal passages clear. If your pediatrician says it is okay, you can also add a few drops of symptom-soothing inhalants which can help in opening up the baby’s nasal passages and even suppressing coughs.

4. Humidifiers prevent dry skin

Since your baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate, it can become irritated and parched especially in a dry climate which as a result leads to itchy, uncomfortable dry patches and even sore, chapped lips. Chronic skin conditions such as eczema can also be aggravated by dry air. The moisture produced by a humidifier will enable your baby’s skin to retain its natural moistness, keep the skin healthy and soft while reducing eczema flair ups at the same time.

5. Baby gets to sleep better at night

If your baby has any or all of the above problems such as stuffy nose, cold, itchy skin and even troublesome cough, then it becomes very difficult for your baby to sleep comfortably at night or even during the day. And since a humidifier helps to prevent these problems, it means your baby can sleep comfortably at night thanks to better breathing and soft, comfortable skin. But your baby can still get the sleep benefits of a humidifier even when he/she isn’t sick. This is because some models come with built-in nightlight and features that produce a white noise that drowns out any household noise to create a soothing atmosphere suitable for deep, peaceful sleep.

In conclusion, humidifiers come with lots of benefits some of which haven’t been listed above. But as far as your baby’s health and well being both during the summer or winter season is concerned, the above reasons should be enough to convince any parent to invest in a good humidifier if they haven’t done so yet.

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