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5 Toy Storage Tips for the Overwhelmed Parent

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As parents, we want to provide our children with all the things they need. But this sometimes snowballs into purchasing all of the things they want (there is a difference).

Which then results in a whole lot of... stuff! Especially if you have more than one child.

The space that once resembled your living room is now covered with loose Legos, Shopkins, toy cars and dress-up clothes. You ask guests to please excuse the mess, as you bury your head in the throw pillow, mortified.

Don't worry - you're not alone.

I have five toy storage tips that are educational, functional and fun.

1. Labeled Toy Storage Bins

Labels are a great way for you to keep toys in their proper place.

If your child is reading and writing, let them help you write labels for different groups of toys. Break out the markers and glue and make it a fun craft project.

If your child hasn't mastered reading yet, you can use pictures to label bins and other containers. This makes clean-up a breeze and lots of fun as you turn it into a matching game.

2. Hang It Up

Do you have princess dresses, hats, purses, and play jewelry stuffed in toy boxes or under your child's bed?

The closet is your friend.

You can color coordinate dress-up outfits or separate them by type -- fantasy, career, and sports-themed clothing. Use colored hangers for each category.

Add some hooks to the walls and hang necklaces and other accessories. Click here for some awesome hanger options.

3. Color Code

Color coding doesn't just apply to dress-up toy storage. You can color code all types of items like books, cars, and Legos and purchase them in matching color-coded bins.

This is a great way for your child to visually distinguish their toys and place them in their proper storage bins at clean-up time.

You're not only teaching your child their colors but independence as well.

4. Furniture That Doubles As Storage

Fitting all of your child's toys into toy storage isn't your only challenge as a parent. Sometimes, fitting the necessary furniture into your child's bedroom can be a chore!

Beds, dressers, desks, vanities and toy boxes all take up space. You want your child to have enough room to actually play with their toys.

Purchase furniture that doubles as storage to save plenty of space. A child-sized table, bench or bed that offers storage underneath is an excellent example.

This option is perfect for the interior designer in you.

5. Keep Toy Storage Separate

The greatest piece of advice when discussing toy storage is to keep your child's items separated.

Whether or not you realize it, using a large toy box that contains no dividers is one of the quickest ways for things to get mixed up or broken. Whether you're using shelving, containers or dividers, each item needs its own place.

With all their cars in one container and people in another, playtime and clean-up with be fast and fun.

Make Clean-Up Time Feel Like Play Time

Clean-up doesn't need to be a hassle anymore. Turn it into a hands-on game for your little ones. They're always looking for ways to help - here's the perfect opportunity!

I hope these toy storage ideas help you and your child stay organized and enjoy clean-up time as much as play time!

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