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Challenge: Romance After Kids

5 Things That You Should Never Tolerate In A Marriage; Pre or Post Kids

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It's an unfortunate reality that when two people get married, one of you will take your marriage vows more seriously and deeper to heart than the other. When that happens, you have a plethora of options available to you including marriage counseling, a trial separation, or a marriage-building vacation. Sometimes, the issues in your marriage go far beyond the scope of marriage counseling and vacations. Sometimes, the issues in your marriage can be immediate deal-breakers. Here are some of the most common marriage deal-breakers and how to handle them.

1. Infidelity

It may surprise you to learn that in over one-third of marriages, one or both parties have admitted to being unfaithful. Infidelity stems from a psychological or emotional flaw within a certain individual. Should you find yourself the victim of an unfaithful spouse, you are not obligated to remain married to them. If infidelity can be proven with physical evidence then you will be able to use it against your spouse during the divorce proceedings.

2. Abuse

Abuse can take many forms but is entirely destructive regardless of the form it takes. Emotional abuse can manifest as blaming, controlling or dominating behavior, and even threatening you in subtle ways. Physical abuse is much easier to pinpoint because it's the physical damaging of your body by your partner.

Leaving an abusive marriage is tricky. Your partner will apologize to you and change their behavior long enough to win you back then return to their abusive behavior. Do not remain in an abusive marriage. There are steps you should begin taking to prepare for a sudden departure from your abusive spouse. Consider speaking with divorce attorneys in Utah once you've escaped. They can help you to analyze your options.

3. Criminal Activity

You can never be sure of the person you're marrying until it's too late. If you discover that your spouse is engaging in criminal activity once you're married, it would be wise for you to escape the house and file for a divorce as soon as possible. There is real physical and legal danger in remaining married to a criminal. Not only is your family in danger of being apprehended by law enforcement, the criminal partners and rivals of your spouse could come knocking for revenge or to use your family as leverage. Engaging in criminal activity should be an immediate deal-breaker for you.

4. Drug Use

Drug use doesn't have to be a deal-breaker for your marriage. If your partner admits to using drugs, acknowledges the problem, and agrees to seek professional help then this shows that they are willing to put in an effort to save their marriage and to respect you as their spouse. The problem with drug use occurs when your partner refuses to acknowledge their addiction and allows it to destroy the marriage, the family, and the life you've built together. If your spouse has a drug addiction that is destroying your lives but refuses to seek help, it's time for you end the marriage. If your spouse is set entirely on self-destruction, you are not obligated to remain as a witness to the event.

5. Neglect

We end this list with a fairly common deal-breaking phenomenon that occurs in relationships and marriages called neglect. Neglect can take many forms ranging from forgetting plans, birthdays, anniversaries, and promises to simply not coming home to spend time with you. If you've noticed that your spouse just doesn't seem to put you as their top priority and is treating you more like a roommate then it might be time to leave. You deserve to be more than just a third wheel in the life of the person whom you love.

It is natural human instinct to want to forgive your spouse. In many cases, forgiveness can be the first step towards fixing your marriage. However, in certain cases, forgiveness and remaining in the marriage could turn into a disastrous and dangerous mistake.

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