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5 Reasons Millennials Love to Personalize Their Gadgets

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Fashionistas like to personalize. But so do Millennials. And if there’s one thing Millennials spend time and money personalizing, it’s the fashion accessory they always have on them—their gadgets.

1. Every Millennial has a smartphone, so they need to differentiate them.

In today’s modern world, owning a smartphone isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. And nobody believes that to be truer than Millennails, with 98% of Millennials ages 18-24 and 97% of those 25-34 years old owning a smartphone. And in a 2016 survey, 39% of Millennials said they interact more with their smartphones than with people.

With so many owning smartphones, they need a way to tell them apart so that when there are 10 rose gold iPhones sitting on a table, each Millennial leaves home with the right phone. One way to differentiate is with a personalized iPhone case for Millennials. Instead of buying a plain black, grey or clear case, many Millennials are opting for bold prints, vibrant colors and glittery cases to help their phone stand out.

2. Uniqueness is social currency.

Millennials are the largest generation, at least in the United States, and they’re also quite a unique generation. In a report by Pew Research Center, when asked why Millennials thought they were unique, the top answers included technology use, music, pop culture and style.

And its Millennials uniqueness—like being more educated, detaching themselves from political parties, getting thousands of likes from posting a picture of themselves in a weight shaper (or maybe that’s just the Kardashians?) and customizing their laptops with colorful flowers or a tiger to match their unique personality. Either way, it’s this uniqueness that gives them social currency, helping them build relationships, both online and offline, and influence those around them.

3. Millennials want to protect their gadgets in style.

Going off their uniqueness, Millennials follow their own beat when it comes to style. Sure, some obey the current fashion trends, but many wear what they want when they want, or they take that current fashion trend and add some personal flare to make it their own.

And that personal style isn’t just with clothes; it’s with accessories and their gadgets. Millennials don’t just want to match their phone case to their outfit. They want one that looks good but also protects their mobile device. And a great way to do that is customizing an Otterbox case, the No. 1 most trusted company with phone protection.

4. Millennials don’t wear watches; gadgets are their fashion accessory.

A couple decades ago, fashion accessories meant complementing your outfit with a necklace, purse or scarf. But today, especially for Millennials, their gadgets are their fashion accessories.

Baby Boomers and Gen Xers may still wear traditional watches; but Millennials don’t. For most in this generation, their smartphone is their timekeeper. So instead of buying a smartphone and a $200 fashionable watch, they can spend that same amount and buy four different quality phone cases to ensure their fashion accessory complements their different daily outfits.

Two things are the most important to this generation when it comes to buying something: value and personalization. And they believe they get more value and can do more with personalization by turning their gadgets into runway-ready fashion statements.

5. Millennials like everything personal and customized.

This is how they want companies to market to them. It’s how they want to experience media. And it’s how they want what they own.

One-size-fits-all marketing and advertising may have worked with previous generations; but it doesn’t click with Millennials. Brands earn loyal Millennial customers and brand advocates when they make their marketing personal and customized. And it’s this desire to make things personal and customized that leads Millennials to enjoy personalizing all of their different devices.

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