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5 Fashion Trends for Children to Be on the Lookout For

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When thinking about fashion and clothing design, it’s easy to forget about our little ones. However, kids often have a style all their own that can go unnoticed by adults. From mimicking what their parents enjoy wearing to coming up with their own outfits, there’s no denying that kids love showing their creativity through their clothing.

To foster a sense of style that they can keep their entire lifetimes, it’s important to encourage good taste from an early age. By allowing children to branch out from basic play clothing, we can help them develop their personal clothing tastes. Here are five fashion trends for children to get you and your kids started on this important and exciting journey.


Across this trend, function is just as important as style. Well-suited for especially active kids, the exploration trend focuses on movement and a love of nature.

Taking inspiration from styles in the Pacific Northwest, the exploration trend takes functional outdoor wear – like cargo pants, down vests, and hiking boots – and downsizes them for children. The sturdy structures and woodsy print motifs, like this popular “Wanderlust” t-shirt for little boys, bring kids’ love for discovery and wonder into their clothing options.

To jump on board this trend, look out for merit patches, messenger bags, bandana headbands, loose chinos, camping graphics, and hooded vests to let your little explorers show off their Portland-esque sense of fashion.


Popular among adults since the 1960s Flower Power movement, the bohemian “festival” style is seeing a huge resurgence among kids. We’ve all seen this trend in pictures from Woodstock to Coachella, but it’s hard to beat how cute it looks on the younger crowd.

Focusing on light, airy textiles and earth tones, the bohemian trend is especially suited for sustainable fashion – a must for any true hippie kid. An added plus: the undyed fabrics and soft layers intrinsic to this style are extremely comfortable, meaning that you won’t be forcing your children into clothing that they won’t enjoy wearing.

Helping your kids dive into the boho-chic image is as simple as paying attention to what adults are wearing and adapting it to their age. Look for fringe jackets and bags, denim, crochet tops, long skirts, and paisley prints to get your kid’s bohemian collection started. You can even toss in a kid and festival favorite like a hula hoop to accessorize.


This one has been around for a long time, and won’t be disappearing anytime soon. The timelessness of children’s love for creepy crawly critters has almost always been reflected in popular clothing choices – and 2017 is no exception.

The popularity of animal and insect motifs in kids’ clothing comes as no surprise; many animals are cute and cuddly, insects make interesting movements and can come in fun colors, and both are beings that kids often own or see regularly. Children love sporting items of clothing with their favorite beatle or dog on the front, as it shows off their likes and dislikes.

To help your kids express their love for these creatures on their clothing, keep an eye out for bags in animal or insect shapes, cargo shorts with mesh pockets to hold their latest insect find, graphic tees emblazoned with animal prints, and novelty hoodies.

Classic Hipster

When someone says the word “hipster,” what usually comes to mind is a bearded, plaid-wearing adult with a love for craft beer and indie music. However, the sense of fashion common among this group is growing more popular among kids who like looking a little more grown up.

The hipster look for kids tends to veer into “vintage” territory. Harkening back to the days of Elvis and ice cream parlors, the trend focuses on clean, retro silhouettes popular among a subset of adult hipster culture. Think rockabilly meets Disney Channel, and you have a kid hipster hit.

If your child shows interest in this trend, look for Wayfarer style sunglasses, varsity jackets (à la Pink Ladies in Grease), and cuffed jeans to start off. You can also keep an eye out for high top Chuck Taylors and neck scarves to keep the accessories vintage and fun.

Geek Chic

This last trend can come as a surprise to parents, who remember the days of “geeks” getting shoved into lockers and teased for their love of Star Trek. However, those days are quickly disappearing as the nerdy clothing aesthetic gets more popular – possibly due to the popularity of shows like The Big Bang Theory and Gilmore Girls, which glorify the nerdy among us.

The geek chic trend focuses on fitted styles and preppy looks to give off a nerdy vibe. The trick to avoid slipping into too nerdy territory, though, is to keep the “chic” in mind. Make sure your kid’s clothing fits well to keep them looking trendy.

Be on the lookout for real or fake eyeglasses, suspenders, bowties, and button-down shirts to help your kid pull off this aesthetic and fit right in with the Big Bang Theory crew.

Certain kids aren’t all that interested in clothing style – and that’s all right! But if your children express an interest in clothes and fashion, you can help them develop their own fashion sense by paying attention to popular trends in their age group. With a little bit of guidance, they’ll soon be the trendiest kids in the classroom.

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