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Challenge: Follow Your Dreams

5 Effective ways to Improve your Child Imagination

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When the human capabilities of learning and creation combine, that's when inventions happen. To enhance one's power to imagine is to enhance one's power to invent. Rich imagination lays the foundation among children for them to achieve many great things in life. Thankfully, parents can play a very influential role in enhancing their children's power to imagine. In this guide, I will share 5 research backed and time tested ways for parents to improve their child’s imagination.

The Basics

These are the basic habits and practices that you can align your child with, in his very young age.

Storytelling is the core of how wisdom is transferred across human generations. It doesn't have to be a premium video, and it doesn't have to be an expensive hard bound illustrated classics book; you can tell stories to your child and take the first steps of opening his/her mind to a world beyond the obvious. Encouraging your child to take up artistic endeavors could alter his/her life's path for the better. Sculpting, painting, writing, drawing, molding, building crafts - it could be anything, as long as there is at least one of it.

Expose Them to Open Ended Toys

What’s that supposed to mean, you ask? Well, any toy that opens up unforeseen possibilities of creative thinking in the mind of the child qualifies. Whether it’s a set of Lego blocks that can be used to create buildings, cars, people, and sceneries, or a collection of colorful sand or clay putties that the child can use to create new things, everyday – the core idea is to include an opportunity of creative thinking in every indulgence of the child.

Nurture Their Inner Space

A massive problem faced by millennial parents is that their children are becoming more of consumers than creators. That’s because these children have such tremendous exposure to media that their faculty of original thought is stunted right from their childhood and formative years. Instead, make sure that you do everything possible to nurture what parenting experts call the ‘inner space’. This is the combination of time, thought, ideation, and activity that helps the child analyze and absorb things around him/her. Television, video games, movies, visuals of all kinds – they’re important, but make sure they don’t superimpose on your child’s natural creative abilities.

Reward Creation

When your child connects the concept of ‘creativity’ with potential gain and satisfaction, expect him/her to grow into a naturally creative person. This calls for some courage and creativity on your part too; here are some options:

  • Ask your child to collect 10 different natural objects and create a story out of them.

  • Collect stuff from your forgotten furniture drawers and motivate your child to create a little craft out of all the cardboard, plastic, clay, and cotton.

  • If you think your child is on to something useful, be courageous and explore the potential of turning the idea into a product or small business.

Take Interest in their School Crafts Assignments

Now you might not remember the days from your school’s crafts classes, but you’ve got to realize that schools teach crafts purely because your child is most likely to find his/her creative interests in such classes. Participate vigorously in their school crafts and creation assignments; pitch in with new ideas for them to explore further. Go the extra mile to guide your child, make him win the competition, so that he’s motivated enough to create his next cute thing!

Final Words

The power of imagining is, inarguably, the reason why humans have been able to build such a wonderful world. Make sure you do your bit to help your child enhance his imagination.

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