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Challenge: Back to School

5 Compelling & Decisive Reasons Why Students Should Study Abroad

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“…studying abroad isn’t just an important part of a well-rounded educational experience. It’s also becoming increasingly important for success in the modern global economy. Getting ahead in today’s workplaces isn’t just about the skills you bring from the classroom. It’s also about the experience you have with the world beyond our borders—with people, and languages, and cultures that are very different from our own.”—First Lady Michelle Obama

If these words are also making your eyes sparkle with the prospect of joy, then, my friend, studying abroad is indeed one your biggest dreams. While we all have those initial doubts and speculations when it comes to leaving our own comfortable home, and flying away to a foreign land, believe us when we say going for it whole-heartedly is the only way to embrace the adventure. If you still need that extra little push, then here are 5 reasons why you must go abroad for higher studies:

To embrace a new world and a new culture: Studying abroad would mean experiencing a brand-new country with picturesque outdoors, innovative customs and traditional and a new vibe altogether. Thus, one of the biggest benefits of studying abroad is to check out new terrains, visit natural wonders, museums and landmarks of your host nation. You can also venture out to visit the neighbouring countries in which you are studying, which can surely be an added bonus.

To help you inculcate new skills: Not only will you discover your own true self when studying abroad, but you will also unleash newer sides of your behaviour. Whether it would involve crossing a gorge, climbing on top of a mountain, washing your own clothes or helping a villager carry logs across the road, it is all these adventures and successes that will let you relish the skill sets you never knew you possessed.

Perk up the value of your degree and dial up the career opportunities: While this might be the most obvious reason listed here, but one simply cannot undermine the power of an international degree when applying for a job or when applying to another university. The world of an increasing globalised society calls for international exposure, which is sure to inevitably increase your chance of a successful and well-flourished career.

To expand your horizons beyond border: It might sound like something that you would have heard 1,000 times before, but studying abroad would also mean that you become a more marketable and understanding person. It will help you to open the doors to newer people, culture, perspectives and outlooks. For example, every year the U.S. Education Department organizes the International Education Week.

To give you an edge in the college admission process: While more and more college admission processes are becoming increasingly competitive, so are the chances of you getting a seat in them. By studying abroad for a previous degree, you are sure to gain an edge in the college admission process. For students who plan to apply for the 2018 Spring / Fall Graduate Program, many educational consultancies organize the 2018 US News American University Rankings 美国大学排名, covering education, engineering, business, medicine, law and nursing.

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