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Challenge: Life Changes

4 Ways My Son Changed My Life

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It was 5 years ago when I gave birth to my first child Zack. I still remember it as the most tensed day of my life. I was holding this tiny little gift of god and yet I felt an immense pressure on my mind and my body. I wanted to give the perfect life to my child and at that time I was not sure if I would provide him with all the luxuries that he now enjoys.


My Husband (Benjamin) and I were broke at the time as he was jobless and I quit my job after pregnancy. But Zack came as a ray of hope in our lives.

Here is how my first child made us a better Parent and person –

1. Self-Discipline and Managing Things –

I never made a time table and I never planned for future. But with Zack I knew I have to secure my future and for this I have to get a job and starts saving for him. I started my job as a data analyst but it was not easy.

Managing two things together was never my cup of tea but here I was finding a perfect balance in family and career like a circus tightrope walker.

I developed a habit of waking up early in the morning and making my time table so that I get time for my son while also managing my tasks at job.

Unnecessary grocery shopping, buying only branded products and wasting money on in-games purchases was no longer my style. This not only saved my money but my time as well.

2. Health Conscious -

Being a parent can be stressful especially if you are not focusing on your health at all. I became health conscious the day I got to know about my pregnancy.

I started focusing on eating healthy because I wanted my baby to healthy. While I hated broccoli all my life yet here I was eating all the green leafy vegetables on a day to day basis.

I was never a gym freak but a friend of mine suggested me to try Yoga while pregnant. It relieved pain in my joints at the time and after pregnancy I decided to buy a gym membership.

It turned my life as I found myself fitter and more focused. Yoga and Meditation helped me to fight off office stress.


3. Improved Relationship –

I married my high school sweetheart, Benjamin. He is a great man and a brilliant tattoo artist. Even though I was in love with him since my high school yet I never felt so close to him as I felt after the birth of Zack.

We did all kind of silly mistakes to strengthen the bond of our relationship. This ranged between getting a matching tattoo to hitchhiking on a cross country tour.

But I have to admit that we truly got to know each other after we held our first born child together. Ben quit alcohol a few months before Zack’s first birthday and opened his own tattoo studio.

We used to fight on many unnecessary things but it was the love for our child that brought us together.

Ben and I decided to never argue in front of our son. We realized that it was our habit of never backing down during arguments that led to bitter quarrels.

4. A Social (and Confident) Person –

I am an introvert. Let’s say that if you put me and Brad Pitt (who is my favourite star) in a room then it would have to be Brad to start a conversation.

However, with Zack I managed to overcome my preoccupied thoughts. People were often giving me tips about how I can take care of my pregnant body.

I would try my best to not to scare them away with my dull responses and slowly I learned the art of communication.

I joined online groups and forums of pregnant moms. I joined Yoga classes with other pregnant mothers. I made several good friends whom I now rely a lot.

I became friends with mothers of Zack’s friends and learned that being social is really necessary for good parenting.

In 2016 I gave birth to my Second Child, Emma. Zack always wanted a sister and Emma became his most favourite person in the family.

Our happy little family faces new challenges every day but together we work as a team and find happiness even in dark moments of life.

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