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4 Tips for Stay-at-Home Parents Wanting to Work Remotely

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Working remotely or telecommuting is growing increasingly popular in the modern workforce. These types of jobs allow traditional stay-at-home parents to find paying work that they can complete in the comfort of their own home. This flexibility strikes a balance between work and life while also giving parents the opportunity to add additional to the household.

Here are four tips for stay-at-home parents considering the remote workforce.

Find remote work that you will enjoy doing

They say a job you love doing won’t seem like work. As a stay-at-home parent you already have a full-time job you love, raising your kid(s), but finding a remote job you enjoy might not be as easy. Think about what skills, experience, and training you have and start there. Look at industries that you care about and see if you can connect your experience with a rewarding industry.

It isn’t always possible to find remote work that you love, but that shouldn’t detour you from trying.

Brush off your old resume

If you’re truly thinking about finding a remote job, you need to touch up your resume. Many stay-at-home parents have been out of the work game for many months or years. This gap in employment is a big red flag for most businesses. To counter that gap, try reworking the rest of your resume to include concrete examples and add letters of recommendation and a cover letter to all the jobs you apply for.

While your work gap may be a red flag, if you can stay positive, honest, and provide supporting documents, you can still land the job.

Look at tax relief options

There are many perks to working at home – you have flexibilities when you work, you can prioritize your work/life schedule, and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of traveling to and from work. However, an oft forgotten benefit to remote work is that you have work-at-home tax breaks that can save you big money.

Some common tax relief options for stay-at-home working parents include:

  • You can deduct your home office
  • You can write-off child care
  • You can include mileage for business-related traveling
  • You can take advantage of the earned income tax credit
  • There are health insurance write offs

Those are just a handful of the tax breaks for stay-at-home working parents. If you want to learn more about what tax options you have as a remote worker, try reaching out to a local CPA firm to walk you through your best options.

To freelance or not to freelance

You really have two main options for taking on remote work. First, is working directly for a company as a remote employee. This usually comes in the form of either full-time, part-time, or contract based. There are a lot of factors that will dictate which employee work-from-home option is best. For instance, the more, younger kids you have to take care of, the better part-time or contract work is. These options are typically less intense which gives you more flexibility. Full-time remote work isn’t impossible, but can be difficult to juggle for some.

The second option is to be a freelancer. Freelancing is when a self-employed person offers different services to businesses, usually in a short-term capacity. The most popular freelancing jobs for stay-at-home parents is blog writing, social media marketing, PR outreach, web design/development, and other digital tasks.

If you’re considering starting a freelance career there are some resources like UpWork, Elance, and Fiverr that let you build your own profile and manage the freelance work directly through their online interface.

Being a stay-at-home parent is a job in and of itself, but if you’re thinking about taking on paid work from home, then you should consider the tips above. Remember, at the end of the day, being a parent is still the most important job you’ll ever have.

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