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​4 boredom busting summer activities with your kids

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Being a parent is never easy, because you work all day every day, and any free time you have you spend trying to get some sleep or attempting to enjoy the silence. Just to give you a heads up: summer is rapidly approaching, and with it come holidays and plenty of free time for your kids. To avoid those long hours sitting in front of a TV or computer, you can keep them engaged and entertained with these fun and easy activities.


Scavenger hunt

Beauty of this activity is that it can be done practically anywhere: in your home, backyard, nearby park, friend’s wedding, the beach... However, for the best time this summer, we recommend you do nature scavenger hunts where children will get the chance to have a lot more fun and explore their surroundings. What is more, they can also use what they find for little scientific experiments like looking at something under the microscope, or planting seeds they have found on the ground.

Children-pets quality time


It is important for children and parents to bond and spend some quality-time together, but this is also important for pets. If your children love their dogs a lot, enjoy talking to them, and taking them for a walk, why not take it to the next level? Prepare to spend hours in the countryside, pack food, blankets, sunscreen, and a camera to catch those wonderful moments for years to come. Of course, don’t forget to bring all of your pet accessories as well the dog’s favourite water bowl, because dogs can't get enough of running and playing. You can also use this day to train your dog as well, play fetch, and practice those simple commands such as: sit, stay, and roll over.

Channelling their inner artist



All kids love to draw and play with colours, playdough, and clay, and it is not until they are older that they stop being ‘artists’. Why not awaken their inner artist in a fun summer game which will not only be fun to participate in and watch, but will also leave something afterwards? Organize ‘Squirt Gun Canvas Challenge’, buy them some squirt guns and colours, and let them have fun with canvases. You can even give them funny tasks like: try painting a dog, a flower, or a house using nothing but squirt guns and their hands, and their laughter will be heard for hours.

DIY fun

Another form of fun artwork is making things, and what better than making things for your own room using nothing but a balloon, some glue, and colourful yarn? Choose the colour of the yarn, soak it in glue, and wrap it around a balloon. Once dry, pierce the balloon with a needle and you will be left with a lovely art that can be made into a lamp shade, basket, or a decoration.

As you can see, keeping boredom out of your home does not require a lot of money and too much effort, but rather eager minds and fun-loving hearts of both children and parents. Be active; spend time outside climbing trees, picking flowers in a park, and rolling in grass with pets. Looking back after many years, your children will fondly remember those bus summer days they spent with your.

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