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3 Travel Resolutions for Families to Have an Unforgettable 2018

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It's a new year and a time to get out of your comfort zone. Your family deserves to see this immense world that we live in, so what better time than now to make travel resolutions? You can experience something new every weekend if you wanted to, and it doesn’t need to be a major expense.

You can do something as small as visit a local museum or historical site.

But if you want to travel and start exploring the world more, you just need to start. A few of the resolutions that I have made for my family this year, and I hope will help your family somewhat, are listed below.

1. Take More Day or Weekend Trips

Europeans travel a lot, but just 35% of Americans plan to travel more than 50 miles away from their home this year. I understand that money may be tight, and it's difficult for a lot of people to be able to splurge on a big vacation.

But there's nothing wrong with a day or weekend trip every few months.

In fact, you can go 25 – 50 miles away from your home to enjoy a town you've never visited, or explore historical sites you've never been to before. I recommend going on Tripadvisor and exploring what the local area has to offer.

Travel is all about the experience, and the experience doesn't need to be across the country or the world.

2. Switch it Up a Bit

If you're used to going to Florida, a trip to South Carolina instead is a great alternative choice. The same goes for going to any destination year-in and year-out without checking out the surrounding states or areas.

A lot of people retire to Myrtle Beach, but it's not just a retirement community filled with Bingo halls and no activities. Myrtle Beach is home to many resorts that are geared towards kids. Captain's Quarters has arcades, bowling allies, child activity programs, pool games, treasure hunts and more.

Breakers Resort is geared towards kids with a 418-foot lazy river, ice cream parlor and a pirate ship.

3. Involve Your Family in Local Culture

I was lucky enough to travel overseas and go to Italy with my family, but I didn't want to be surrounded by people from my country. In fact, I wanted to get away from Rome and the normal tourist attractions.

And it was an amazing experience that helped me a lot.

Involve yourself in the local culture by:

  • Visiting the smaller towns that have something unique to offer

  • Learning the language, even somewhat (Assimil has great books to help)

If someone offers to buy you a drink or invites your family to a local event, go. It's a scary experience for someone that's reserved, but it's worth it in the end. You'll learn a lot about the local culture and grow as a person.

Your family will grow as a whole, too.

These are memories that will not easily be forgotten. See how the locals live, explore local hotspots and have fun. You owe it to your family.

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