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3 Simple Steps For Measuring The Right Carport For Your RV

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If you like to go on family RV trips each year, you’re going to need some type of shelter at home for your RV to keep it protected from the elements and inclement weather.

A carport can be a great solution for you because it is inexpensive, easy to install, and will do an adequate job of ensuring your RV is kept protected.

But in order for your carport to do its job of keeping your RV protected, you need to make sure you get the right size.

Regardless of whether you’re going to be building your own carport or buying an existing one, your first step should be to make all of the necessary measurements.

Here are three simple steps to follow for measuring the right carport for your RV:

Step #1: Measure Your RV

First, you need to measure the length, height, and width of your RV or travel trailer. The best way to measure the length is for someone to hold your tape measure at one end of the RV and then for you to walk to the other end.

The length of your carport will need to be a little longer than the length of your RV, so if your RV is twenty-five feet long, a carport with a length of thirty feet would be ideal.

The same principle goes for the height and width as well. Your carport needs to be a few feet higher and wider than the height and width of your RV respectively.

When measuring the height of your RV, take into account the satellite unit located on the top, and for the width, take into account the slide outs (as you may want to have them open when keeping your RV in the carport).

Step #2: Measure Your Carport Site

Now you need to confirm that you have enough room on your proposed carport site for the project. You need to have enough room to assemble your carport and then some extra feet for you to walk around. Your proposed site also needs to be suitable for installing a concrete slab for the flooring.

Step #3: Are Any Additional Measurements Needed?

When you’re researching carports to buy, check the directions to see if there are any additional measurements that will need to be made and think about if you will be adding anything to the carport itself that changes its dimensions (for example, you may want to install extra storage devices such as rafters in your carport).

Measuring Your Carport

In the end, measuring your new RV carport will not be all that difficult. All you really need is a ladder and some measuring tape if you think about it.

Just be sure to follow the steps we have outlined as closely as possible. Remember, even after you have made each of the basic measurements, you can still always adjust them based on what your carport will need to accommodate at any time in the future.

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