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10 Post Workout Snacks That Pack Protein

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You put a lot into working out. You probably even eat or drink a pre-workout snack to give your body the fuel it needs to burn fat and build muscle. But snacking before your workout isn’t the only time to snack. Your body needs to be fueled post workout as well. It needs the right nutrients to ensure your body can replenish and repair after a strenuous workout.

Protein is one thing you need an ample amount of after a good cardio session or some strength and core training. Here are 10 post workout snacks that pack the protein so you’re ready to pack another mean punch tomorrow.

1. Peanut Butter Protein Bites



These small bites of yummy, chewy goodness are quick and easy to make. Made with PBfitⓇ, vanilla protein powder, oats and flaxseed, each bite is loaded with plenty of protein. Plus, they’re easy to grab and eat on your way home from the gym or after a five-mile hike.

2. Avocado Tuna Salad



Whether you’re a late morning or after work exerciser, this protein-packed avocado tuna salad is a perfect lunch or dinner option. It takes 10 minutes to make it, makes four to six servings and keeps in the fridge for up to a week so you can have it a few times a week as a sandwich, on top of a salad or just by itself—it’s that good.

3. Sweet Potato Protein Bars



There’s nothing a good protein bar can’t fix. And when you make it with sweet potatoes, how could anyone resist? In just 20 minutes you’ll have eight bars loaded with protein and flavor. For an extra reward for working out so hard, melt chocolate chips and drizzle them over each bar. Yum!

4. Greek Yogurt Egg Salad Sandwich



If avocados and tuna don’t tickle your fancy, perhaps Greek yogurt and eggs do. And if they do, you have to try this egg salad mixture. Get your protein from the eggs and Greek yogurt, which has the right amount of protein to aid in restoring and repairing muscles post workout. It also includes 1 Tbsp. of mayonnaise to lighten it up a bit, as well as some dill for a dash of freshness.

5. PB Chocolate Milk



Chocolate milk isn’t just for kids. Adults can enjoy it’s sweet deliciousness, too! Not only does it taste great going down, it provides needed protein and carbs for a tasty post workout snack. This version is made with PBfitⓇ, so it gives you even more protein minus all the fat from regular peanut butter.

6. Post Workout Green Smoothie



If you get sick of eating a salad every day, drink your greens instead. This creamy, protein loaded, vegan and gluten free green smoothie is a great post workout recovery drink that delivers needed nutrients fast.

7. Apple Oat Greek Yogurt Muffins



The oats and Greek yogurt provide the after workout protein and fiber you’re looking for, while the apples help give these muffins a deliciously sweet flavor. Soft, made without oil or butter and easy to bake and eat on the go, you couldn’t ask for a better protein-filled snack or breakfast.

8. Paleo Chicken Hash



Combine your love for cooking and exercising with this paleo-friendly recipe that tastes even better than it looks. It’s great for breakfast, or any meal really, and makes enough for leftovers. It also has the nutrients required to help rebuild muscles post workout, including chicken, bacon, eggs, sweet potatoes and a handful of veggies.

9. Pesto Hummus



Don’t buy your hummus when it’s so easy to make. Made primarily from chickpeas, you get a delightful dose of protein and carbs with each bite. And this recipe has a flavor combination that’s pleasing to every palate. Eat it with pita bread, crackers, celery or whatever you have on hand for dipping.

10. Easy Spinach & Egg White Omelette



Calling all early morning workout folks—this is the protein-packed breakfast meal of your dreams to dine on after a morning sweat session. This five-minute omelette, that you can make the full serving of or just half for a snack-sized portion, is made with egg whites, baby spinach, low-fat cottage cheese and a few other ingredients to make it the perfect start to a healthier morning.

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