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10 Best Family-Friendly Dogs Parents Must Consider Keeping for Kids

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I love dogs and I own a golden Labrador Retriever. My kids are more happy playing with him. I have noticed parents are confused about choosing the best dog breed when they have kids at home. If you want to own a dog then you have to care him as a child and here are few tips for new pet parents.

Lots of parents have found the hard way that choosing a puppy based on their cuteness alone is a huge mistake when you have kids in the house. There are thousands of different dog breeds to be found and it is important for you to choose a family-friendly pup based on disposition, energy level, size and temperament. So, which dog should you get for your family?

Here are the 10 best dogs that make excellent pets for kids and family:

The Bulldog

With a sturdy build, the bulldog is the perfect choice for kids who enjoy roughhousing. Weighing about 50 pounds, the bulldog is about 12 and 16 inches in height and is comfortable in living in apartments and large houses. They are a friendly, docile and loyal breed and get along with others too even if they are not too energetic. They are renowned for their temperament with kids. They may look intimidating, but they are gentle and friendly and even show some guarding capabilities.


Originally, this dog breed was kept as hunting dogs, but they fit very well in homes with active kids because they are never too tired to play games and have a sturdy built. The Beagle is a happy, friendly and smart dog and they also get along with other pets, including non-canines. They are good as apartment dogs, but they shed and need frequent brushing. Also, they require plenty of exercise so you have to take them out for a walk on a daily basis.

Golden Retriever

This is a smart, loyal, confident and kind dog and are not timid or aggressive. In fact, they are quite patient and this is great for kids. They need lots of exercise and their love of play makes this really simple. For their activities, they are considered the cutest of all dogs. You can try taking their pictures while playing and win money at It is best to get a golden retriever if you have some space as they don’t do well in small spaces.

Labrador Retriever

This is one of the most popular dog breeds because they are reliable, patient, loving, playful and protective. Their intelligence and sweet personality match their beauty, which makes them the perfect family pet. They are fairly large and live for about 10 and 12 years. Due to their size and height, they are not a good choice for small apartments, but if you have a spacious apartment, they will be able to adapt to it.


The poodle is a gentle and smart dog and they are great for kids who have allergies because they shed very little. But, these dogs have to be groomed properly and regularly. They are an elegant and proud dog that are both loyal and caring. The poodle has a very good nature and friendly demeanor and their patience makes them a great playing partner for kids. They can be found in both small and large sizes and you can make a choice as per your preference.

Irish Setter

Known for their red coat, the Irish Setter is energetic and playful and they love being around people. Therefore, they have a lot of fun playing with children and are a good choice for energetic kids because they require plenty of exercise. They are deemed a trainable and smart companion, but they are good for spacious places instead of small apartments.


This is a breed you haven’t heard about before, but they are said to be one of the best dog breeds for children. They have a gentle manner and disposition and is affectionate, loyal and quiet, which means they are perfect for your kids to play with. In addition, they are smart, confident and obedient and form very close bonds with the family they live with. The best part is that they don’t smell.


The Newfoundland dog is termed as ‘nature’s babysitter’ because they love children and are eager to protect. Patient, kind and gentle, you can call this dog breed as the Mother Teresa of this specie. As they are tall and large, they are best for a family who have a large space. They are also great swimmers, but they do shed excessively.


A predictable and gentle dog breed, collies are easily trainable and are great for families. They are mild-mannered, but their coat needs to be brushed and groom regularly. Collies love to make their owners happy and are protective of their families. They are great with children and are docile indoors.

Bull Terrier

The bull terrier needs lots of playtime, which makes them great for a large family. They are protective of children and live for a decade and longer. They are loving and friendly towards kids and grownups alike and also have a high threshold of pain. They can be found in two sizes and you can choose according to your home space.

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