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Baked Avocado Toad in the Hold

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Here's a healthy twist on an old classic!

Baked Avocado Toad in the Hold

  • Servings: ½ stuffed avocado
  • Yield: 4 servings
  • Prep Time: 18 min
  • Cooking Time: 15 min


  • 2 ripe avocados
  • fresh ground black pepper
  • sea salt
  • 4 large eggs, separated
  • Black Bean & Corn Salsa (see link below)
  • Cilantro or Parsley for garnish, optional


  1. Cut each avocado in half; remove and discard pits. (To keep avocados level, set halves on the openings of a muffin tin or slice about ¼ inch from the back of avocado halves so they sit flat.) Enlarge the hole by scooping ⅛ to ¼ inch of flesh from around the hole. Sprinkle avocados with pepper and salt. Place avocado halves on sheet pan or muffin tin
  2. Bake at 425°F until holes are moisture free, about 8 minutes. Remove from oven. Working with 1 egg at a time, break eggs separating yolks from whites. Place 1 yolk into each hot avocado half. Add enough egg whites to fill hole completely. Cover avocados with foil and return to oven. Bake until egg whites are set and yolks are runny, about 5 minutes. Times will vary with each oven.
  3. Remove and top with Black Bean & Corn Salsa. Garnish with Cilantro or Parsley sprig.

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Black Bean & Corn Salsa


Notes: If using a sheet pan I'd suggest lining it with heavy duty foil in the even some of the egg whites spill over. Making clean-up much easier!

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