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Discount/Salvage Grocery Stores

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I've been able to slash my grocery bills (now about $60/week for 2 people) by regularly shopping at a salvage grocery store. What is a "salvage" grocery store? Briefly, it's a store that either rescues or directly buys products that were sent back to a grocery warehouse by a store or were excess inventory. Undamaged grocery items often go to salvage stores because their sell by date is approaching while the food is still perfectly safe and good to eat. Other items may have a torn label or dented box while the food is still good. These items are then sold at prices much lower than usual retail. For example, I regularly buy 1 lb bags of carrots 5/$1, and I've also gotten whole watermelons for $2. Even wine and beer can show up too. I've included a link that has a pretty extensive list of discount grocery stores for each state, but there may be more than what is listed here:

Additionally, many new businesses are popping up featuring the salvage grocery model for subscription boxes. Hungry Harvest (, for example, was recently featured (and funded!) on ABC's Shark Tank and offers both organic and conventional rescued produce boxes in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Philadelphia with plans to expand to New York City, New Jersey, and others.

If you live on the West Coast, you may want to check out Imperfect Produce (, which sells so called "ugly produce" throughout California that has been rejected by grocery stores.

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