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Challenge: Mismatched Tastes

Compromise and Flexiblity

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Mismatched tastes describes me and my husband to a tea! Health and wellness has always been high on my list when planning meals and grocery shopping. I avoid processed foods and added sugars as much as humanly possible and I always love experimenting with recipes. Hubby has a sweet tooth....a whole mouthful of them!!!!! He has always been rather lax in his efforts to eat with a healthful approach. He doesn't have a adventurous spirit when it comes to food. We could not be more opposite.

More recently, he had a mild heart attack and has finally become a more willing participant in my foodie adventures. He has worked hard and has lost weight and begun exercising a bit more. Even with all his efforts to stay healthy we are still very different.

Compromise and flexibility has always been the key to our gastromonic harmony. I make sure I balance my adventurous spirit with recipes that lean more to his need for the familiar and he has been willing to try some new things once in a while. We have cut out the weekly pasta and potatoes and have increased fruits and veggies along with salads and other healthy options.

Brown rice is now the standard in our home vs white. I alternate whole wheat with white bread (I will eat the white on a limited basis...I don't eat a lot of bread). He has allowed me to begin adding lentils to some dishes and I allow him his stash of gummy bears! I do often cook healthy options just for myself...ones I know he will never eat. We don't keep pastries and cake in the house like we used to but on special occasions we indulge.

I know he is making progress....he asked for a serving of my recent Lentil and Roasted Sweet Potato Salad yesterday!!!!! (not my blog). He has also begun printing many of the Today Show recipes for me to cook!!!! (of course he loves the ones with pasta and sausage!).

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